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 Travel back in time!~

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Travel back in time!~ Empty
PostSubject: Travel back in time!~   Travel back in time!~ Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2012 1:34 am

Time to share stories! Trace back and tell me how you found your way here! It's interesting to see how you got where you are, and even more interesting when others share their own stories!

Here's mine:

I first got this laptop I am typing on for Christmas about two years ago. I didn't use it for much, I surfed the internet and everything, went on Youtube, memebase, and such.

While browsing Youtube one day in early February (had the laptop for 1 month), I ran across an interesting video. I clicked the link, and it led me to a website. This was WolfQuest.

Now, when I was playing this game, I was amazed. I didn't think it could get any better, until mid March of that year, when I was browsing the WQ forums, and ran across that advertisement that led me to many friendships, much drama, and eventually my maturity from noob into.... at least semi-knowledgeable ;P T'was Feral Heart.

Met many great friends there that I still hold dear today! I still hop on once in awhile to check up on the place.

To shorten this up a bit, I found out about I.T. and it's comeback as the now-infamous ITr, who, despite what happened, gave me my very first chance to show what I could do as a staff member. I'm still grateful.

After ITr fell, I drifted. From IW, to SoE, IK and so on. I met friends, lost them. It happens to everyone.

I'm just glad I finally wound up here. Friendly staff, awesome, patient members, and a positive atmosphere. You all are truly one-of-a-kind. ♥

I'm even able to say I was able to meet one of my greatest inspirations, and we have become quite inseparable. ♥

It's funny and sobering to think, if I hadn't clicked that first link, I probably wouldn't be where I am, or have the friends that I do....

I'm so lucky. I don't know where I'd be at now without you guys. ♥ ;u;
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Travel back in time!~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travel back in time!~   Travel back in time!~ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 10:42 pm

Thats a great story! Very Happy
Here is my fable~ (LOL XP):

It was last year. In early sumer, I think. When I was on my computer, I came across a game called WolfQuest. I was OBSESSED with wolves at the time, so I played it. I thought it was the greatest thing! It was so good, that I HAD to find something like it!

So, I googled and googled, but nothing. Then one day, I finally came across something. FeralHeart. I looked up a walkthrough on YouTube, then went to the site, made an account, and downloaded it.

It was a blast! I met great new friends, and had a wonderfull time. Then one day I was whispering a friend, and she brought up the name: Impressive Title. It sounded fun, and after a while, I looked it up. I made an account on the forum, downloaded, and began to play.

I had the most wonderfull of times! My first day, no one would help me, but I found my way around sooner or later. And I made a bunch of great friends!
I will never forget that ITr was the place where I met my best internet friend, Gabi.
And when the hackers came around and took the place down, I had no idea what to do!

So, I began drifting back to FH and WQ and stuff. Then I found a place known as IW.

It was such fun there! I managed to make more friends, and meet up with old ones. I was even reunited with Gabi for a short while in the game. Then one day, I was banned o/o. I forget why, but after that I was AGAIN, back on FH.

Then my friend told me of Sanctum of Eventide.

I went there, and had such fun there eswell! And sooner or later, I came to find Impressive Elements.

So, I was playing both SoE and IE for a while, then I began to drift away from those games.

But when Nanatsunotaizai came, I went back in. And ofcorse NOW I'm kinda in/out again, but I still have great fun here! I've already made a friend x3

So that is my story ^^

~Jayheart~ I love you
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Travel back in time!~
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