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 Item ideas c:

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Autumn Taylor


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PostSubject: Item ideas c:   Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:07 am

I have a little item idea. You guys can post your idem ideas here too 8D

How about a Baseball Bat in the mouth? xD.

I dunno like it or not XP



Sun shine sunshine, Ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves, And do a lil shake! 8D
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Boku wa orokana kitsuneza


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PostSubject: Re: Item ideas c:   Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:16 am

lol I have some stupid ideas Dx
-Body Bandages
-Blood in some part of the body[like if in the middle of the rp your character gets wounded]
-Scars(like to add them instead of having them as markings so the characters will have more opportunities to be more unique?
-some kind of a classic black ribbon (to look manly Wink )
-Some kind of like long long filaments that start from your back or neck and that move like if they where part of you (Like the white filaments that come from Shiranui's back, the white things that come of the back )

What about an harness?
Swords look like if they were just floating there, putting an harness on as item could be like if the sword was holding from.
-Some piercings? [longs on ears,nose, lips,etc.]
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Item ideas c:
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