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 Anc's Legend Petasi (Rated E10+ for gore and mild language)

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PostSubject: Anc's Legend Petasi (Rated E10+ for gore and mild language)   Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:59 pm


After being sent off to another world himself, Ivlet decided to get his revenge on Roke, the Anc that restored peace to the Land of Ancs with his wife, Rak. She was the daughter of a famous fortune-teller, who died months ago. Ivlet led his pups to the tree of Ancs with his main son asking, "Hey, I'm hungry. When do we eat?" Ivlet paused for a minute barking, "Just wait. There will be something very special waiting for you.."

Chapter 1

Roke rushed to his house, excited to find Rak with her newborn children. She hasn't named them yet, but Roke found a perfect name for the largest one, which was Petasi. Once he approached his house, Roke slowly walked in finding Rak with 8 babies nursing next to her. When Roke finally found the largest one, he named him Petasi, naming the other ones Night, Hydra, Nicole, Sleuth, Zane, Daniel and Laiki. After a while Roke heard footsteps near the house, but who's were they?

Chapter 2

Roke heard the footsteps getting louder and louder, and sudden and swift shadow popped up from out of sight. "Ivlet!" he thought. "Stay back, and away from my newborns!" Roke shouted, looking around the room. He found Ivlet duck under the curtains of the house, giving a loud snarl. He leaped up and bit Roke's ear, eventually tearing the entire thing off. Roke crashed into the ground, slowly breathing as Ivlet picked him up, slamming him against a wall. Rak was shocked. Roke got up, with blood dripping from his scars. "Father is stronger than son, remember? That makes me invincible!" Ivlet told Roke. "That's just a bunch of crap." Roke gasped. "Even if I'm sacrificing my life right now, it's to protect my children, who will survive!" Ivlet's eye irises shrunk. "So.. I'LL KILL YOU THEN!!" Ivlet screamed. With his jaw opened wide, Ivlet bit Roke in the chest, tearing a piece off. He jumped up, taking his sword, the famous Sword of Ancs, which was created years ago, flinging it in the air. Roke managed to catch it, and throw it at Ivlet. Ivlet stared at Roke furiously. He went and clawed the center of Roke's chest out of anger, and walked out, taking all of the babies, except Petasi.

Chapter 3

Petasi opened his eyes, seeing is father dead on the ground. He found out that his father was gone. ALMOST gone. But a whole new life for him was about to begin..

Chapter 4

8 years have past and Petasi has finally mastered the skills of using his father's weapon, the Sword of Ancs. He has killed a few wolves before, eventually being able to memorize the good techniques. He also liked the way being a new guardian felt, but his dream was to kill the wolf who murdered his father. He never found the way to beat him. Just his sons. There were THOUSANDS. but there were 3,997 now. Will his dream copme true? Will he find someone to help beat him?

To be continued...

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PostSubject: Re: Anc's Legend Petasi (Rated E10+ for gore and mild language)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:57 am

OMG...DO MORE..NAW... >:3

Jk jk, take your time :'D

I want to know what happens >C
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Anc's Legend Petasi (Rated E10+ for gore and mild language)
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