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Kenta Uzumaki

Kenta Uzumaki

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LiveStreams? Empty
PostSubject: LiveStreams?   LiveStreams? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2012 8:06 pm

What is everyone's LiveStream and is any going live?


6/17/2012 is when it comes on.

Here is mine:

1. Please you have to be 13 and up
2. DO NOT go on a Link posting rage
3. If you are banned from the chat, you are banned. Deal with it.
4. MineCraft, don't ask me to draw or anything.
5. If you don't like any sexual funny talk, then piss off. I do sometimes mess around and Name my pets odd names In-game.
6. You are allowed to cuss in chat, just don't spam it
7. Don't spam.
8. If one of my mods say something u should stop doing. Stop.
9. Even though it is PG-13, Don't go sex talking hard core in the chat. I don't care if your a friend, don't.

Simple enough? Good.

I will Post when my LiveStream is Online. Keep watch of my DA.

I should have the LiveStream around(starts) 7:00 PM or 9:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

What Mods do I have on my MineCraft?

Mo'Creatures and Millénaire
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