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 How To Tame A Critter? Find Out Here!

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How To Tame A Critter? Find Out Here! Empty
PostSubject: How To Tame A Critter? Find Out Here!   How To Tame A Critter? Find Out Here! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 8:44 pm

How to tame a critter? Is easy, there's the steps.

1 Step. Find tames from elephants first! You will need then to tame a critter. (Yes that's a skill to use.)
2 Step. Go find the critter you want to tame, let it almost dead (Like 1% Life.) Spent your tames with it! If a message on your chat says "Tame Successful!" "You Have Tamed A (Whatever you tamed)!" it means you have a new pet. Pet's can help while fightin' with critters, some may heal, and some may be strongers.

And some critters aren't for taming, some critters you can win from Admins contest's too.

Ok, that's it! Bye!
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How To Tame A Critter? Find Out Here!
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