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 Character Bios

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Sacura Shadow

Sacura Shadow

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PostSubject: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2012 11:13 pm

Sacura Shadow
Real Name: Kurimuzon No Kage (Kuri)
Name Meaning: Crimson Shadow
Gender: Female
Age: 20 000
Species: Werepyre
Nicknames: Sac,Sacy,Shadow
Class: Necromancer (Deals with Death,
Blood and Dark magic.)
Pack: Darkblood
Rank: Alpha
Parents: Vladimir & Yoru
Mate: None
Languages: English/French/German/
Likes: Night, Wolves,Blood.
Dislikes: Sun,Spiders,Heights.
Weapons: Grim (Sword) Yin & Yang
(Two Silent Magnums) and Pain Killer (Sniper Rifle)
Forms: ,human,humanoid,
fallen angel, lion, bat, skeletal, raven and wolf.
Undead Summons: Wolf,tiger,raven,
bat and Japanese Dragon.
Personality: Evil, Caring towards friends
and pack, hates war, energetic
has a split personality between sane and
insane and will get angry if tail is touched
in a hurtful way.

Pet: Salazar- Male Vampire Python

Past: Her father was a vampire lion and her mother a werewolf(back then when there was dire wolves werewolves were wolves that transformed into wolves on two legs)). She was born the first werepyre. Her parents were murdered because they mated. She ran away from her old pack and started a life by herself and changed her name to Sacura Shadow. For 1000 years she found no one to start a pack with. In those years she acquired scars from fighting vamps and from fighting her old pack leader who kicked her out for being part vampire. She also was trying to stop the war between Werewolves and vampires.

When the medieval times came she was friends with Dracula because he liked her power and how she was but soon after she was killed by Van Helsing but Dracula seen her power and made a room for her corpse in the castle. 300 years later she was brought back to life by a scientist and she kept him alive because he was a ancestor of Dracula and said he like his grand father thought she could help the world see that there can be two races that can mate. That's how she got to have the modern day appearance also he told her of Dracula's death. Sadly he was killed by slayers.

She found Tanerex and they fell in love then they started a pack together. She feeds only once a month, on the full moon. She still is trying to stop the war and she doesn't care if she dies as long as the war stops. She got more different after her mate died. Her eye that she got the scar on turned white but she can still see fine. It was perhaps genetics because her mother was born blind.

Recently her love Atreyu died from Slayers. She now wants the legion's heads and has finally snapped. Her sanity has now been cut off from her.

Theme Song: Vocaloid - Insanity.

Gender: Female
Species: Antzinako
Job/Class: Virus Class 2
Weight: 170 Pounds
Age: 300
Birthday: June, 3, 1711
Zodiac: Gemini
Mate: None
Elements/Powers: She has control over darkness and fire. She can paralyze people with her blind eye when doing this it will stop their blood flow and if angry enough can make their hearts explode. She can only do it once a week or it will kill her. She also has poison that can kill off an elephant. She injects it with her fangs like a snake.
Items: A necklace that has her brother's right fang. (Her brother's spirit dwells within it.)
Body Structure:
Canine: Head,teeth and body.
Feline: Legs and saber fangs.
Dragon: Tail, claws, spines,wings and horns.
Split Personalities: Calm/serious/depressed and insane/hyper/paranoid.

Past: She was raised with abuse from her father Gabriel and her mother Severina ignored her. Her and her brother Hedes took care of each other. Her father was angry because the mother left him with the cubs. Cyra and Hedes ran off because they knew that their father would kill them. 20 years past but finally their father found Hedes. Cyra was hunting and when she returned her brother was lifeless and her father laughing.

Cyra blacked out and charged at her father. Their fight lasted a long time. He managed to escape with a scar on his side. She on the other hand, had a scratch that blinded one of her eyes. She noticed though that she could use that as a weapon. After mourning her brother's death she went off to find her mother and father so she could end their lives and have her revenge.

She later found her mother. She stepped in front of her. She looked like her father so she knew it was her. Cyra said, "if wasn't for you leaving brother would still be alive!" Severina denied this but Cyra knew it was her fault for making father angry. Her mother attacked her with her claws hitting Cyra's stomach. Then her mother started to run off when she found herself paralyzed.

Her daughter's eye was fixed on her and it was completely red with no pupil. The mother's blood had stopped flowing and then blood squirted from her mouth and fell down lifeless. The anger within Cyra drove her to explode her mother's heart. After the fight though her eye was bleeding. She knew then that she couldn't be able to do that twice in a row. She walked to her mother and whispered, "You damn puppy! Burn in heaven!" She then walked off hoping to one day find her father.

"Death will find you father. No matter where you may hide."

Gender: Female
Species: Spirit Wolf
Pack: Darkblood
Rank: Espilson
Mate: None
Pups: None
Age: Adult (Dead)
Personality: Calm, quite,
aggressive, wise and
Bio: Her mother gave her that Necklace. Her mate (her half brother) stole the alpha spot from her and remarried another wolf. She had son before they broke up. She wanted her son to finish her ex-mate and his love. When her son grew older he died trying. After all that she found a wolf mated with him and she had a daughter.Her half brother found this out and killed her mate and she returned the favor by killing his mate and him. Afterwords She went insane from this and killed her daughter. Then she couldn't take it anymore and jumped off a cliff and landed on spikes. She now hangs around the forests of as a spirit.

She sang Mordred's lullaby to her son and pan's lullaby to her daughter.

Gender: Female (Futanari)
Race: Shapeshifter/Shinigami
Age: 50
Sibling: Fear
Powers: Telekinesis, Necromancy and Nicromancy.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Evil, cunning, insane, cannibal, likes riddles, loves to scare people, only trust worthy to friends, likes to rape and takes killing people as a sport.

My Pet:
Gender: Male
Species: Undead Raven

Bio: She was a normal shapeshifter that was completely normal until her mate betrayed her and killed her. Death gave her another chance. She became a Shinigami and then as a deal for that she would go into people's dreams and twist them up. If she noticed that it's there time to die she kills them in nightmares or randomly. She wares a Sable bone mask to hide her face and because she liked the look of it.

"To find out who I am, is easy. I'm something you dream but yet can kill you. I can cause a fright and there's nothing you can do. You can hide, you can pray but nothing escapes me until day. If you escape then your free to go but if you don't awake then it will be a very nice show. What am I?"

Theme Song: Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Gender: Female
Age: 10 000
Mate: Asmodeus
Clan: Army Of Se'irim
Rank: Superior
Band: Immortal Sin
Position: Lead Guitar and Background singer.
Sibling: Okami Korosu (Forsaken)
Weapon: Salazar (Snake
Powers: Necromancy,
blood bending,telekinesis,
regenerate and warlock.
Bio: An ancient demon
queen who is wise and
very evil. She is very
calm and will leave you
alone unless she is
"thirsty". She loves to
party. Forsaken is her sister but she doesn't
know that.
Vergil - Male Dragon

Theme Song: Breaking
Benjamin - Had Enough

Gender: Female
Age: 8 000
Mate: Derin
Clan: Army Of Se'irim
Rank: Commander
Powers: Blue fire.
telekinesis and
paralyzing stare with
blind eye. Can also see
auras and the
truth with this eye.
Home: Shadow Veldt
Bio: a werepyre/demon
that was captured and
experimented on. She
killed the scientists and
broke free. She has no
memory of her past. Her
tail tip is suppose to be
blue fire.
Thoron - Vampire Male
Theme Song: Korn - System.

Age: Young Adult
Name Meaning: Shadow
Home: Elephant
Siblings: Nuka and Vitani.
Parents: Zira and Scar.
Pride: Outlanders
Bio: Kivuli was raised as Vitani's non identical twin sister. She always wondered why her brother Nuka was never wanted as the king she always was with him. When Kovu came she hated him because he took Nuka's place as the next King. Kivuli was strong and Zira wanted her as the next queen but Scar wouldn't allow it.

She loved her father and mother but after over hearing his conversation made her yell at them. She then told Nuka she was running away and probably would never return. She told him to tell no one that she was leaving.

After the lands she bumped into a male rogue lion with a cub. She then noticed that the hyena's were near and ran off. After awhile of being alone and thirst another rogue and found her. She had a cub too. She then stayed with her.

When she was older she went home to see that hyenas had killed her friends. She then returned to pride rock but before she could go to pride rock the hunting party fought her because she insulted the king after hearing what happened. Then Vitani found her laying down with a bad scar on her forehead.

She then convinced Kovu and Simba to let her stay and said that she was just angry that her mother and father is dead. She told Kovu who she was and he remembered and showed kindness and they let her stay. A little did they know she was out for revenge.

~Caution this bio may have some info that might be offensive to religions.

~The Deadly Sin Luxuria (Lust)~
Name: Asmodeus (az-mo-DAY-us)
Gender: Male
Species: Incubus
Crush/Mate: Ra'Shaska
Birthday: November 6th
Age: 3 000
Accent: British
Main Language: Demon/English
S.O.: Bisexual
Brothers: Amon
and Mammon.
Father: Satan
Mother: Lilith
Uncles: Beelzebub,
Leviathan and
Class: Warlock
Pride: Army Of Se'irim
Band: Immortal Sin
Position: Lead Singer
Personality: Pervy,energetic,intelligent,cunning,charming,insane,fun and hilarious.
Weapon: Pandora (Demon Whip)

Name: Lust
Gender: Female
Species: Demon Horse


He knows every language and accents thanks for being here for 1 000 years.

He loves to sing.

He may look Gothic but he is more of a rocker/biker.

His favorite band is Blood On The Dance Floor.

His favorite game is World Of Warcraft. (Believe it or not.)

He loves chocolate.

He hates Justin Beiber.

He has the symbol of tattooed on the back of his neck. (The picture of the tattoo is below.)

When he is angry the tattoo turns orange like fire.

He also has two pentagram tattoos on both shoulders, a tribal tattoo going almost all the way down his spine and tribal/Gothic tattoo below his stomach.

He listens to almost every type of music except Justin Beiber and country.

Theme Song: Black Veil Brides - Unholy

Asmodeus was born the youngest if the brothers. Lamashtu his un identical twin sister. When he was even a kid he was really flirty. His brother are Amon and Mammon both hated him because his actions. His sister never cared for him but she hated everyone in that family because she wasn't named a sin. His father on the other hand loved him. Asmodeus spent a lot of time with his mother (who was a succubus). It could be the reason why he became lustful. His father always knew he would become the sin of lust.

When he was older he became the sin of lust, he received Lust a female demon horse. All sins had their own pet demon horse. He got into a lot of fights with his brothers and they picked on him.

1 000 years later his father sent the brothers to earth to get the feeling of it. Amon and Mammon end up going back to Hell but Asmodeus he stayed. Like his mother he wanted to keep the family tradition if ya know what I mean. Unlike his mother after he was finished with pleasure he killed them by sucking their blood dry.

After a time on earth he learned all the languages and got really familiar and ten another demon caught his eye. Ra'Shaska a beautiful demon that was part werepyre. They fell in love and he knows stays by her side and helps her with ruling the Army of Se'irim.

Tamashi Kira

Character breed: Werewolf
Character Age: 21
Mate: Itachi Uchiha
Village: Otogakure
Rank: Sannin
History: She spent most of her time in the sound village but her family was loyal to the Uchiha Clan. There she met the two brothers Itachi and Sasuke. She fell in love with Itachi and became loyal to him. She also belongs the Okami clan a clan filled with werewolves. She met Kenta and instantly became friends with her. Her power is darkness and her favorite attack is Ōkami no nusumu (Stealth of the wolf). A wolf shadow appears to help the caster and it goes in the shadows of the enemy and attacks by biting,clawing or blasting a dark fire onto the enemy.
Family: Karasu Kira (Mother)
Kage Kira (Father)

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Kenta Uzumaki

Kenta Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeWed May 23, 2012 11:45 am

Love <3
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 12:43 pm

Wow, you got a very fancy list right there !
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Design Team
Design Team

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 4:19 pm

ohhhhhh woooaahhhh so long, didn't read it all No
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Sacura Shadow

Sacura Shadow

Posts : 116
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Age : 25
Location : Behind You

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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios   Character Bios Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 12:47 pm

ok i removed all the unused ones lol. Much cleaner.
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Character Bios
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