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 Ingame controls. Get started!

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Ingame controls. Get started! Empty
PostSubject: Ingame controls. Get started!   Ingame controls. Get started! Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 4:27 am

I remember when I first joined ITr, everything was like a mess and I had no idea which control did what.
So I'll make this tutorial for you people out there who also get confused with the controls, and how to get started!

W - Makes your character move forward
S - Makes you run 'towards' you
A - Makes you run to the left
D - Makes you run to the right

Z - You character will sit down.
Press Z again if you want to lie down.
And press Z again if you want your char to plop its head down.
(Want your char to side lay then press X after the first Z you hit. Want it to lean then press X again. Want it to roll over then press X again.)

Space - Your character will jump
Space again - You'll double jump (Will only work without wings)

F5 - Normal
F6 - Smile
F7 - Smirk Grin
F8 - Angry Eyes
F9 - Open Mouth
F10 - Evil Smile
F11 - Infatuation, Happy
F12 - Sad

F - Fighting stance

If you have wings press C to fly. PgUp to fly higher, PgDn to fly lower.

Hold left shift if you want your character to walk instead of running.

Press right Ctrl if you wanna spin or walk backwards. Press right Ctrl again if you wanna walk/run around normal again.

H - You'll get a box there you can set home, go home, reset home and change dimension.

B - You can write character bio in this box.

N - You're able to see online, offline friends, online players and blocked players here.

I - You can view your items.

J - Actions and emotes.

P - Party.

M - Hide/show the mini map.

Press Tab to hide/show chat box and name tags.

Press Alt to freeze your head position.

F1 - Attack mode.
F2 - Normal mode.
F3 - Spycam (Epic win).
F4 - Dunno what we should call this one xD

Write /? in your chatbox to see different commands you can use.
You can also use /me throws skittles at everyone.
It will then show up as Name throws skittles at everyone instead of <Name> Throws skittles at everyone.

How to take a screenshot
To take a screenshot press PrtSc on your keyboard.
You'll find it in your Impressive Elements folder.
Or hold the FN and PRTSC key at same time.

To get skills, cures or tames just go and find draw points. They are like blue crystals or how to explain it. To get one, just click on them and hold, then click "Draw".
Down at the left corner there you see "Attack" you'll be able to see what you got and how much of it you got.

You can also get Skills/Cures/Tames from killing animals. I can't name all of them, but Red snakes in Badlands give Tames, and the praiseable Fish in Ocean give Cures if you praise it.

To attack/praise an animal click on them and then "Attack"/"Praise".

How to use Skills/Cures/Tames
Press 2 on your keyboard to view your stuff. Press 2 again to see next thing, and 2 again and so on. If you wanna cure yourself for example, then press 2 till you see Cures.
Then press F1 on your keyboard and click with your mouse.

If you then want the normal "Attack" thing back then press 1 on your keyboard!

To tame an animal you first have to lower it's health so much as possible. Then press 2 till you see Tames, and click with your mouse when you're close the animal.
Remember to bring many tames and cures. Best would be if you had 200 cures and 200 tames.

Animal drops items that your character can wear. Kill one and if you see sparkles coming from the ground, along with something then it's an item. To pick it up click on it and then click "Equip".

At the moment you can wear 10 items at same time. So if you have 10 items and wanna pick another one up. Just stash some of your items you are wearing and you will be able to pick it up.
To stash an item press I and then click on the item you wanna stash and then click "Stash" or "Drop" if you don't want it at all anymore.
Note: If you drop an item someone else in the area will be able to pick it up and you might not be able to get it back. So do not drop it if you wanna keep it.

How to find maps
There's many maps in IE, not even I know where to find them all. But if you hold your cursos over the blue dots on your mini map you'll see the maps names in the area.

Anything more that should be added?
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Ingame controls. Get started!
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